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We have exciting news! Liberty Gaming can now offer you all of the charitable gaming industry’s best bingo paper, pull-tabs, ticket dispensers, and electronic pull-tabs, all in one stop.  Liberty Gaming has been acquired by Diamond Game, a Pollard Banknote Limited subsidiary and we are now able to offer all the products available from Pollard Charitable Games Group family of companies.

Diamond Game is a leading manufacturer of e-tab machines, e-tab tablets, video pull-tab dispensers, and other electronic products in many charitable gaming and lottery markets across the U.S. and Canada.  Diamond Game has been manufacturing and servicing top performing gaming equipment for 30 years.  Diamond Game brings a library of exciting new games and innovation to our e-tab market.

Additionally, this acquisition brings you American Games and International Gamco pull-tabs, event games, bingo paper and ticket vending machines. American Games and International Gamco, also owned by Pollard Banknote, are among the largest providers of pull-tabs, bingo paper and pull-tab dispensers in North America. Many of you have missed International Gamco pull tabs and American Games bingo paper in recent years, as these products have traditionally been staples for charities. These products will once again be available through Liberty Gaming!

Liberty Gaming will now be your one-stop provider of the best North America has to offer in bingo games, pull-tabs, ticket dispensers, and e-tab machines, including a dedicated sales, installation, and service team ready to grow your business.

Are you ready for one-stop access to the best charity gaming products in North America?

  • Chris Van Voorhis | (540) 295-0523

A Message to Our Valued Customers:

Regardless of what you may hear from our competitors, here’s what you need to you know:

  1. Your bingo supply and our commitment to you will only be increasing.  Essentially, you will be dealing directly with the people that manufacture your products. So if you ever need anything in a pinch, we’re now that much closer to the factory!
  2. The Liberty Gaming staff that you work with – day in and day out – are not going anywhere.
  3. All the great products and services you have been accustomed to will carry on – in fact, you can expect an even greater array of new products in the near future.
  4. It’s business as usual!  And we’ll continue to put our customers first!

So please don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.  The combination of our two companies truly offers our customers great opportunity and advantages.

Q: Does this mean prices will increase?

A: No! This acquisition has no bearing on price.

Q: Do I still give you my orders?

A: Yes! We will still handle your orders, deliveries and service. 

Q: Are you now Diamond Game?

A: We are still Liberty Gaming, your local charitable gaming experts.